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The World Ahead 2023

To sharpen our focus on 2023 as countries recover and move forward, join the EIU Global Chief Economist Simon Baptist, as he discusses the outlook for  the year ahead, as well as the risks and opportunities we are keeping an eye on.

Learn more about:

  • The outlook for the global economy and prospects for Asia in 2023

  • The key risks to businesses and governments and what these scenarios mean 

  • Market moving trends that should be on your radar

SEIC MacroTalks

Dev 1.jpg

SEIC's #MacroTalks: Crisis of Everything? We had the privilege to host Mr Devadas Krishnadas, CEO and Lead Advisor at Future-Moves Group, who shared on various developments in global macro. During the event, Mr Krishnadas gave insights on the history, development and current challenges faced by the rules-based international order. We would like to thank Mr Krishnadas for taking the time on a Friday afternoon to engage in vibrant and fruitful discourse with our members. 

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