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Opinionated Piece
Competition 2021


SEIC hosts open submissions annually with different themes. This year, participants were tasked to comment about the following question: "The imposition of lockdowns during the pandemic was the best compromise between public health and the economy".

From the various submissions, we have shortlisted and published the top few submissions. Check them out here!

Do look out for our future competitions. This is an amazing opportunity for you to not just enhance your resume with a publication, but also to express your views and opinions critically.

AY 2020-21 Guest Speakers

1. Dr. Jamus Lim.jpeg

Dr. Jamus Lim

3. Professor Giovanni Ko.jpeg

Dr. Giovanni Ko

5. Ms Preeti KS.jpeg

Ms. Preeti KS

7. Mr Ashu Agarwal.jpeg

Mr. Ashu Agarwal

2. Dr. Walter Theseira.jpeg

Dr. Walter Theseira

4. Professor Sebastian Dettman.jpeg

Dr. Sebastian Dettman

6. Ms Divya Sangaraju.jpeg

Ms. Divya Sangaraju


Mr. Bryan Cheang

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