About Us

SMU Economic Intelligence Club is Singapore Management University's premier undergraduate academic research club. Established in 2011, we are a 100% student-run and aim to be the ideal platform for SMU students to share economic insights through various research projects as well as seminars and workshops. 


SEIC aims to fulfil the inherent need for further exploration amongst students who are fervently passionate about expressing their views beyond the seminar room. The club aims to promote quality undergraduate research and foster a community of students who are eager to voice their opinions. Research on economics, political science, public policy, business, statistics, and related fields is encouraged. 

All undergraduate students currently enrolled in SMU in any programme are welcome to apply for membership. 

President's Message


Now in its 10th year, SEIC is back with brand new look, innovative new programs and an overall enriching learning experience for all its members. We seek to provide a platform for students who are passionate about economics, global affairs and exploring links between various issues to research and ultimately publish their work. Primarily a research-driven CCA, we aim to explore events in different geographical locations around the world through our Flagship Research Analyst Program (RAP) and the guest speakers we invite from various fields in economics. 

For the upcoming semester, SEIC has aims to reach out further to students beyond School of Economics by looking into exploring global affairs ranging on a wider range of issues. Besides the RAP started by us in 2020, we have also launched the Illustrator Program (IP) for those creative individuals to illustrate the articles written by the Researches in the RAP. IP offers students to build their porfolio, actively work on their talents while receiving remuneration for their skills.


For the general members, we also aim to have more guest speakers and industry professionals at our sessions. We have worked with our partners, the Adam Smith Centre and our alumni to bring our members wonderful internship opportunities, mentorship and sponsorships to help further boost SEICs standing as the Premier Research Club in SMU. 


With these exciting new initiatives, I encourage current members to continue with their memberships and remain active and encourage anyone who might be interested to come down for a session. With the help of a great and ambitious executive committee, SEIC will be a fruitful experience for anyone who wants to get involved. 


Do look out for our emailers and feel free to attend!

- Anish Kishor, President (SEIC Executive Committee, 2020)