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Around The World
Seminar Series

24th February 2023, Friday

4pm (SGT)

Upcoming Seminar:
24th Feb 2023

SEIC will be conducting the first Around The World seminar for the year on 24 Feb, 4pm.

Our Research Analysts will present on their respective working papers, and take questions from the audience to engage in discussions on their research topics.


Research areas & topics of discussion include:

  • Philippine Sovereign Wealth Fund 

  • Interest Rates & Housing in South Korea

  • The Belt and Road Initiative in Africa

  • Implications of Population & Demographic Changes in Asia

Do join us to glean insights on the workings of undergraduate research!

About SEIC's Around The World Seminars

SEIC regularly conducts seminars where research analysts present the findings of their working papers. These seminars highlight the vibrant undergraduate economic research scene, and gives students the opportunity to observe and engage in vibrant discussion over various macroeconomic and political issues. 


Past Around the World Seminars have covered a wide range of topics, such as the economic development of Japan, Malaysia's Bajet 2023, and inflationary pressures from OPEC's oil cuts.

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