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Global Monitor

We provide monitoring of the global economy, surveilling economic indicators and political developments. Our consolidated assessments of these pertinent developments are published in our Weekly Macro Notes.

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Macro Note
27th Mar 2023
  • Major geopolitical realignments in the APAC region

  • China-Russia power imbalance

  • Upcoming Thai elections

  • SG and UK CPI changes

  • PBOC slashes RRR by 25 bps

  • UAE-Iran Trade 

MN 2023-03-20.png
Macro Note
20th Mar 2023
  • Turbulence in the banking sector, Credit Suisse in crisis

  • Singapore's trade declines

  • Saudi-Iran relations normalises

  • China's housing sector finds its footing

Macro Note
27th Feb 2023
  • CBT forced to cut rates following earthquake fallout

  • Budget Analysis for Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa

  • Real US 4Q22 GDP moderates, US CPI relatively unchanged

  • India and Singapore establish real time payments link

WMN3 Cover.jpeg
Macro Note
6th Mar 2023
  • US Housing Market Correction

  • UK-EU Windsor Framework

  • China's "Two Sessions"

  • Malaysian Budget

  • G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting

Image by Vincent Guth
Weekly Macro Note
6th Feb 2023
  • Manufacturing PMI Indicators and the global economy,

  • US-China tensions/relations after the balloon incident,

  • EGP currency crisis

Weekly Macro Note
13th Feb 2023
  • Indicators affected by weakness in the semiconductors sector

    RBI's possible rate hike pause

  • China & Australian trade ties thaw

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