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Image by Elissa Garcia


10th February 2023, Friday

7pm to 8pm (SGT)

AY2022/23 Semester 2

SMU Economics Intelligence Club (SEIC) will be hosting Mr Melvin Yeo, Lecturer of Economics, and Mr Tay Qi-Hang, Asia Macro Strategist, for the 1H23 edition in our MacroTalks series. 

Learn more about:

  • Developments in the global economy and how they affect various tenets of our society

  • Career applications of economics, and how it is applied in industry

Semester 1

SEIC's #MacroTalks: Crisis of Everything?

We had the privilege to host Mr Devadas Krishnadas, CEO and Lead Advisor at Future-Moves Group, who shared on various developments in global macro. During the event, Mr Krishnadas gave insights on the history, development and current challenges faced by the rules-based international order. We would like to thank Mr Krishnadas for taking the time on a Friday afternoon to engage in vibrant and fruitful discourse with our members. 

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