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Passionate about current affairs and keen to learn the real-world applications of economics? Join SEIC as a General Member today!


Connect with a growing community of students enthusiastic about understanding the complexities behind the world's pertinent economic, geopolitical and social issues.


General Members will gain:

- Exclusive access to SEIC events, seminars, and workshops

- Opportunities to write, publish and be credited in SEIC's website and social media channels

- Networking opportunities with industry professionals and alumni connected with SEIC


Joining an academic club like SEIC as a freshman seemed daunting at first, but my unfounded worries were soon dispelled for I discovered that it was more akin to a cacophonical echo-chamber for economic ideas. I've had the opportunity to contribute and have my ideas expanded upon by the other members.  I've grown tremendously on both academic and personal fronts, in large part due to the lovely community comprising some of the lovelist people I've ever met. If your intention is to become more informed, develop an analytical mind or even make new friends, I'm positive that the SMU Economics Intelligence Club can accommodate you well, and with open arms.

Malcom Seah

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